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2002 Sbarro 550 Maranello Large (Master)
If you can afford a Ferrari you are very likely to be among happy with it, as they are the most famous and iconic cars in the world. However one of this privileged was not satisfied and asked Franco Sbarro to do something to make his car more unique. Sbarro had already had lots of experience in one-off cars based on production models (Sbarro Astro for example), so he took on the job. He kept the engine from the donor car, while the body, which the customer wanted to be wider, was completely scrapped; you don’t want to buy a Ferrari and give it to a famous designer just to have some aftermarket tuning add-ons, do you? Sbarro enlarged the car by 14 cm and added a couple of air intakes on the hood, with two lips on the front spoiler which recall DTM bodies. Many would criticize the decision of modifying a Ferrari, especially one designed by Pininfarina, but Sbarro claims that this is perfectly fitting with Maranello’s philosophy of “large”. He added a spoiler and redesigned the whole rear part, with a spectacular six pipes exhaust system. However the first model was destroyed, so this is why there are photos of it with only 4 pipes or without the spoiler (the first model didn’t have them); this first version also had black front lights, like the 575 (550’s evolution). It was equipped with 19” OZ Superleggera rims, while the tires were Michelin Pilot Sport. The customer had to pay Sbarro 60000€, in addition to the cost of the car (325000000 ₤, 190465 € in 2002) for a total of 222789 $.

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