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2007 Honda S2000 (Uncommon+)
When it was introduced for the start of the new millennium, the Honda S2000 was a minor revelation for the driving enthusiast. This little Honda, with its racecar-inspired suspension, perfect weight balance and high-output four-cylinder engine, was capable of giving the German and American convertibles of the day a good thrashing on a tight and twisty road. That it also undercut them on price, was more fuel-efficient and was backed by Honda\'s reputation for reliability was the icing on the cake. Seven model years on, you\'re looking at the 2007 Honda S2000. And it may come as a surprise to see that it looks pretty much just like it did at its debut. Though Honda typically redesigns its products every five years, it has left the S2000 relatively untouched for eight. There\'s never been a full redesign, though a couple of updates were modestly successful at attacking the vehicle\'s earlier faults of weedy low-end torque and twitchy handling at the limit. In a world of bloated sedans and SUVs, this roadster is a refreshing example of purity. You won\'t find a navigation system, fake wood trim or power lumbar supports here. At the same time, however, there\'s no denying that the segment has changed. Now that the Lotus Elise is available, the S2000 is no longer the visceral king. Plus, the two German heavyweights, the BMW Z4 and Porsche Boxster, have both received major improvements in the past couple of years in terms of features and performance. This year is also notable for the release of General Motors\' flawed but fast and attractively priced Solstice GXP and Sky Red Line twins. Overall, we still admire the 2007 Honda S2000, but we suspect that many buyers will want to check out newer offerings.

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